Organ Donor Transplant Fundraiser with Tony Vega Band and more

Organ Donor Transplant Fundraiser with Tony Vega Band and more

Felix Reyes, Wes Starr

Sun, June 11, 2017

Doors: 1:00 pm / Show: 2:00 pm

$10 Cash Donation at the Door

This event is 18 and over

Tony Vega Band
Tony Vega Band is set to release their smokin’ hot, highly anticipated seventh album, Black Magic Box. The title came about from the record being written and recorded entirely with Tony’s 1947 Gibson hollow body guitar, and like the greats who brandished the same weapon throughout the years; his ability to conjure the instrument’s enchanting power is evident on these songs.
The lo-fi, barebones, blues sound of Black Magic Box is captured with an immaculate care that pays homage to classic blues recordings of the mid-twentieth century. The record, produced by Vega in the blues-drenched music mecca of Austin Texas in only five days, features such legends as Guy Forsyth (Guy Forsyth Band, The Asylum Street Spankers), and Johnny Moeller (Fabulous Thunderbirds) just to name a few.
Tony Vega Band have been singing the blues since 1997, and have been stomping across the globe ever since, leaving a die-hard throng of cultivated fans in their wake. Tony Vega Band’s Black Magic Box will cast a spell that transports you to the golden age of the blues further proving he is the blues ‘Monster’ that Billy Gibbons claims him to be.
Travis Green Band
Travis Green is a conductor, a musican, a singer/songwriter who takes you back to the days when music was a familar feeling you tapped your feet to and tuned your heart to like a clock. With his highly anticipated release, "A little too late," Travis reveals a little bit of his soul and shares stories of family and love lost within a blanket of country and rock and roll. Almost gone are the days of the conductor, a true band leader who directs his band with pure feeling, derived from the relentless study of music. The result is a treat for crowds as he leads those sharing the stage with a undeniable charisma and a smooth voice not to be forgotten. Travis Green was born and raised in Austin, TX. At the young age of 27 he has obtained a wealth of musical knowledge that pours out to his audiences through each performance.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences. Travis was always surrounded by different forms of music, from Chuck Berry, which he took his love for different melodies and vocal delivery, to Led Zeppelin and Muddy Waters. Travis holds country music very near to his heart and feels most comfortable stretching the boundaries while mixing his favorite genres. He also credits the unique opportunities he's had to play with local artists and musicians abroad. Last summer, Travis spent 6 weeks touring Scandinavia, playing nightly shows to large crowds, directing musicians he'd never met before, never skipping a beat. It was a great success and Travis will be returning to Scandinavia after the release of "A little too late" in the summer of 2016.
Bobby Mack
Bobby Mack
Bobby Mack is a true Texas Guitar legend from Ft. Worth, Texas. Like other such North Texas guitarists as Denny Freeman, Derek O'Brien, Jimmie and Stevie Vaughan, Bobby helped define the Austin Blues genre of the late seventies and early eighties. Bobby has shared the stage with other notables such as Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, and Otis Rush and can deliver the sound of a revved up Texas Guitar like nobody else.
Wes Starr
Wes Starr
Venue Information:
Sam's Burger Joint
330 East Grayson Street
San Antonio, TX, 78215