Shaws of Awe - Dustin Ellis and Wayne Cowden Jammin Birthday Party

Shaws of Awe - Dustin Ellis and Wayne Cowden Jammin Birthday Party

Sat, February 24, 2018

Doors: 2:30 pm / Show: 3:15 pm


This event is all ages

Shaws of Awe
Shaws of Awe
Hailing from central Texas Hill country, the Shaws of Awe have grooved their way to the forefront of the Texas Funk Movement. Since their beginnings, in the early summer of 2015, the Shaws' eclectic style of "Jaw Dropping Funk" (Texas State University magazine, June 2016) has very quickly made them a favorite amongst audiences of all ages, and with their unique, and tasteful, blend of Psychedelia, Blues, Rock, and Funk, it shouldn't be hard for any music lover to see why. With unrivaled musical virtuosity, soulful, and smooth vocal melodies, screaming guitar solos, and the grooviest, funkiest, gonna make your body move so you can't help it kinda breakdowns, the Shaws have something for everyone. With qualities reminiscent of that of the Temptations, Funkadelic, and the Allman Brothers, to name just a few, this is a show that you simply owe yourself not to miss!

With an eclectic cast of talented members no Shaw's show is ever the same but sure to please! Guitarist, Johnny Storbeck leads the project with face-melting Psychedelic/Blues shredding accompanied by fellow Guitarist Andy Fulton who keeps the Funk flowing sly and groovy. Rex Simmons holding down the keys with growling Organ and jazzy Rhodes he will take you places you never thought possible an absolute must see. Ben Slade on Drums accompanied by Carlos Aguilar on Percussion together, keep your feet moving and booty shakin' till you cant handle no more with nasty Funky Bass laid down by Payden Price. Lead Vocals for Shaws is frontman Luis Aran who brings the band together in more ways then one! With his soulful voice and raw vocal inflections Luis Aran will have you on your toes and (Shaw Struck). An undeniable good time and come prepared to Funk the night away!!!
Venue Information:
Sam's Burger Joint
330 East Grayson Street
San Antonio, TX, 78215